This also preserves the life of the battery by automatically disconnecting the battery when full. The wall of players selfies and scores will appear on the game board outside the arena. The most popular game you will run inside your laser tag arena will be team games. 614-2GO-FAST. The first 50% is paid prior to delivery of the equipment, and the remaining balance can be split over 12 months interest-free. For a 20 player, 3000 square foot laser tag attraction, about 160 square feet (8 sq ft per player) of the laser tag layout would be used for the briefing room, where the LaserBlast Briefing Video is shown 5 minutes prior to the previous game’s end. This is a fun active game type that discourages passive players from trying to hide. A traditional game with no vest lights. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. When the gate is green that means its safe to pass. Click to open the map in a new window. In order to even potentially cause harm, a person would have to purposely hold or tape their eyelid open, hold their head steady, and stare directly into the laser beam for an extended period of time. Our laser also complies with the safety standards of the European Union, IEC 60825-1, class IIA. Copyright © 2020 Advanced Avionics, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. How do I fit laser tag in my bowling center? Instant Shields, Regenerative Armor, Multilingual display and so much more! We don’t do things by halves. Every 60 seconds, an element is randomly chosen to hold the next oddball, indicated by a white glow. Each player is limited to 10 lives. FREE FOR ALL STEALTH. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. There may be a new center closer to you that hasn’t made it onto the map yet, but the most recent available map is, We work with several amazing theming companies, including, Target Experience Limoges France | New Opening, Our Equipment Set 2 World Records: Zap Zone FEC. Players in the lobby will be able to see the scores live update throughout the game. Space & Site Selection is among the most critical variables in the success of your center, but also difficult to easily quantify and sum up. Touch elements are multi-purpose. While in game mode three large active icons will appear. Multi-level laser tag attractions tend to perform better than single-level centers, especially in highly competitive areas. A few customers every year do purchase one of our older model refurbished LiteBlast systems, or our handheld CyberBlast phaser system for home use. For the same investment, you can either have a 16 player laser tag game & arena with a maximum of 64-80 players per hour, or a tethered VR attraction with a maximum of 16-20 players per hour. Tons of arcade games. TEAM STEALTH. Your LaserBlast system includes 6 sets of game passes in various colors, each color representing a different time slot. Vests top off in between games by simply hanging on the rack. EXPERIENCE SKYTAG Trampoline, Laser Tag and Cyber Sport fun for everyone Over 10,000 square feet of trampolines including the interactive Wipe Out, the Interactive Obstacle course, Dodgeball, Basket-Ball, Open Court, Foam Pit, and soon to be installed 1on1 basket ball court -Over 8,000 multi-level Laser Tag arena, making it the biggest arena in the Montreal and surrounding area. You can also accommodate a much larger group, so that you’re entire group of friends or party can play together, not just 2-4 at a time. Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a laser tag phaser for home. With over 30 Game Formats to choose from laser tag will never be the same again. BASE RESPAWN Also known as Retro Laser Tag. No other laser tag set has real TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, and an extreme 150 FT SHOOTING RANGE! Laser tag is fun for all ages and different from your home console gaming options, because you’re playing with, and zapping your friends, not just armor-laden video game characters. FREE FOR ALL BASE RESPAWN Also known as Retro Laser Tag. on: function(evt, cb) { Extra points awarded for chest and back hits. Tag any target, player, or base in the arena to earn points. We have added a number of game formats such as Domination, King of the Hill, and Sentries to better serve very small weekday groups. The ideal laser tag layout features separate Briefing and Vesting (or suit-up) areas. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. TEAM SNIPERS. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. Du plaisir assuré, pour les petits… et les grands! Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. TicketingThere are a few common options for distributing tickets for each game: Multi-colored game cards, printed receipts, or first come first serve. Every minute 4 targets at random will be activated. They can be used as a mine, recharge station or detectors. Capture your selfie in the briefing room before your mission begins! Providing adequate arena supervision at all times. It’s up to you. Cyberblast offers 32 game formats to choose from. Like any physically active game, there are some inherent injury risks in laser tag. Targets add excitement and interactivity for any size and type arena. Our multi-level illuminated track offers a thrilling ride you can’t experience anywhere else! This is the least expensive option and tends to make sense for smaller markets. Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. They have DMX Controllers built inside them. Cyberblast Phaser can help you add another revenue stream without removing any of your existing business. Depending on the revision and condition of the gear, we can typically offer between $5,000 and $20,000. Tous peuvent venir jouer au laser tag. This is a simplified Team Game format, with only the basic blaster on rapid fire (no shields, photons, or laser bursts). The middle phaser icon will be your weapon selector. Shoot to accept the challenge, then shoot to answer. After a 30 second timer, one player will turn red and begin losing 50 points per second. Fax: 718.797.0278 Suit up with your futuristic laser vest and enter the special-effect filled arena. New to Canada and exclusively at Action 500, this new generation of laser tag games and very popular in the United States. MISSION OBJECTIVE SURVIVOR. LASER TAG FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Our best selling Laser Tag System just received a huge upgrade. Live one-touch leader board showcasing the top nine players. We also work with several third-party finance companies, who can finance a larger percentage of the purchase. The laser used in our laser tag product is a red or green low power laser diode, operated at < 1 milli-watts. It will show your rank at all times in the center of the star. Book 3 x games of Laser Tag, until the end of October 2020, and get 3 games for just a £14! Protect your VIP. ft. two-tier tactical arena, 4-player HOLOGATE Virtual Reality, batting cages, a roller skating rink, Victory Lane Café, and the largest arcade in South Central PA! The last surviving human wins the game, which ends when the last player has been turned. Our support team is dedicated to helping assist in any way you may need. Laser Tag Targets can also enable unique game formats such as Search and Destroy. We recommend a minimum population of 100,000 within a 20 minute drive time as a general rule of thumb. Laser Tag is a fast paced game played in a high tech environment. forms: { Points are awarded for every second the base is controlled. At these low power levels, the human eye protects itself with the normal blinking action. Location: Xtreme Racing . Unfortunately there isn’t really a mid-level offering in-between the low-grade consumer laser tag that doesn’t keep score and can be purchased for around $50 per player, and higher end commercial equipment designed for Family Entertainment Centers, which can range from $700-$2000 per player. Set it and forget it or create your own game types. Once the laser tag attendant has collected all of the tickets, they begin the briefing video and return the tickets to the front desk. See where and who tagged you right when it happens. As other types of entertainment have sought new attractions to offer more variety than their competition, single-attraction centers have become very rare, typically only excelling in smaller markets. Children as young as 7 can take part in the over 30 tactical mission scenarios hosted by our professional event leaders. STEALTH TEAM ELIMINATION. The cashier then tells the laser tag attendant how many players have signed up for the game. They are regulated in the United States by the laws of the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) CDRH (Center for Diseases and Radiological Health). Cyberblast’s user-friendly software is included with every system. Laser tag Construction & Theming, Where do I begin? The last player standing wins the game. DOMINATION Everything in the arena in white is capturable. We still recommend having the arena themed or painted by a professional. Instead of automatically reactivating, you must return to any base every time you are hit to respawn. À propos de Laser Plus. A traditional game with no vest lights. Easy one-button push to start matches. As long as you remain the rabbit, you will earn a bonus every second. We’ve also integrated special effects into arenas, such as smoke bursts, fire effects, reactive LED lighting, wind gusts, and motion sliding target props. When guests are disobeying the safety rules, warn, penalize, and remove them from the game if the warnings being ignored. When visiting a Family Entertainment Center, you’re typically going to meet a group of friends that you might not get to see in-person as often as you’d like. Reward players with higher marksmanship and accuracy. There may be a new center closer to you that hasn’t made it onto the map yet, but the most recent available map is here. Tag the white base 3 times to take control of it. —– Maud Jayet SUI took the lead in the Radials with the day ranks 1 and 3. a walk-under area requires a ceiling height of 16′. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. Grand Prix New York Racing is a year-round destination for indoor go-kart racing excitement. A laser tag gaming experience at GPK LazerZone begins with an interactive mission briefing, and is followed by a 10-minute session of heart-stopping laser tag action. Ultrazone® Laser Tag is "The Ultimate Laser Adventure" - serious fun for all ages - we host the best kids birthday parties we are also open for casual play, groups, teens, adults, youth groups, church groups, company parties, fundraisers and more! The most common rental barriers are home-made PVC/vinyl banners, a 3v3 or 5v5 paintball-style set of bunkers, or an enclosed laser tag inflatable, such as those provided by Inflatable 2000 or Cutting Edge Creations. Instead of a colored game pass, this printed receipt is the guests′ ticket into the game. The first team to retrieve 3 flags wins the game. The two most frequently chosen options are to buy an arena from a theming company, or build-your-own arena with design assistance from Laser-Blast. We’ve also recently released AI Projector targets so that players not only compete against each other, and targets throughout the arena but also animated 10′ characters. Each other player is a guard, with 20 lives and fast-firing weapons. We have locations in over 30 countries around the world. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. A traditional elimination game popular with no vest lights. That’s ONLY $7.66 per game!! Free for all game where you don’t want to get stuck with the hot potato. Our multi-level arenas has dazzling lighting, swirling fog and energetic music to add to the excitement for up to 16 adult or 20 children in each game. Printed Receipt Some POS systems will allow you to track the number of players booked for each time slot for the day ahead, and prevent your staff from overbooking any particular time slot. What comes in your basic laser tag equipment package. In the past, most laser tag attractions only offered laser tag and a small arcade or game room. This is a more difficult version of team game that rewards accuracy and careful play. After all, the more our systems can be used to sell games, the more our customers (you!) Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. Building an exciting arena with eye-catching designs is among the most important factors in the success of any laser tag center. The only laser tag vest of its kind with 16 HIT sensors and powered by wireless charging technology. The third icon on the screen will be your instant shields. At MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, we’ve constructed an awesome laser tag arena that will challenge you and your guests, friends, and family to be the best you can be.When you aren’t zooming at high speeds on our indoor go-kart track, you can test yourself in a different way inside our laser tag arena! When you’re playing a VR-based laser tag through enclosed glasses, you aren’t interacting with your friends and real people but digital representations. All players start the game blue with 20,000 points. Every System ships with a standard 24″ Touchscreen Monitor, Tower, Keyboard, the ability to connect a second screen (Player Scoreboard) and includes duel network connectivity. The Lazer Runner Battle Station gaming software keeps track of all of your game-play stats, ... Grand Prix Kartways This is a simplified free for all format, with only the basic blaster on rapid fire (no shields, photons, or laser bursts). Finally tag your own base to capture the flag. Laser tag is now almost always part of a multi-attraction center with bowling, bumper cars, go-karts, mini-golf, food & beverage, game rooms, trampoline parks, skating rinks, or even cinemas. Some factors are out of your control, such as volume of plays (a vest that is used in 5,000 games per year will need more maintenance than one that is used in 1,000).You can help to minimize these needs by: 1. Downtime is also increased, so take care not to move through exposed areas. From the operator’s perspective, laser tag provides a much faster throughput, more longevity, and much lower labor costs. We recommend a minimum population of 100,000 within a 20 minute drive time as a general rule of thumb. All of our systems are rated for outdoor use! ​The most important reasons that operators are choosing our CyberBlast systems are: Rugged Design- Rubber shock isolated phaser boards, shoulder-mounted speakers, and tough polycarbonate plastics help to make our systems the most durable available. Cyberblast Laser Tag Vests come in a futuristic style complete with accent lights, magnetic latch, lithium iron phospate (LFP) battery, rubber shoulder pads, shoulder speakers, and weigh only 6lbs. The longevity of the attraction is also critical. For new projects, we would request 6-8 weeks notice, so that we can coordinate preparing the site and make sure that the installation and training process goes smoothly. } In fact, we have a small group of mobile operators that travel with our vested system. The typical process includes. We work with several amazing theming companies, including Art-Attack, Creative Works, and Studio41b. LASER TAG SPECIAL. Location: LazerPort and SpeedZone The lasers are on for 80 milli-seconds out of every 250 milli-seconds. Different options are available to you! Updates for life. If you’re tagged while carrying the flag it returns to its base. A cooperative team based game. The color of the pass will correspond to an upcoming time slot. Every 5 seconds, you receive bonus points for each device you control. While you are the King of the Hill you get an enhanced shot rate. Targets can be programmed to award bonus points or activate arena theming effects. Some of our locations are still continuing to offer a great experience even after 20 years of use with the same system, and we have not ended the support of any LaserBlast system. Xtreme Racing Grand Prix. Your adventure of fun and fantasy will consist of THREE laser tag games. Karting - Paintball - Laser tag - Combo - X-CAPE The REAL FUN is back. For a 20 player system, you would begin the day with 20 passes of each color at your POS station. Any survivor who has been hit by a zombie will become infected. Working with an experienced construction company ensures your arena will be safe, durable, and impressive to keep players coming back. Two races for the Lasers, three for the 49ers, and four for the 49erFX were held yesterday at the Portugal GR, initially in a 15kn breeze, later on decreasing to 10kn. FREE FOR ALL FIRE. } How do i consider space and site selection? Book more group and corporate events with Trivia Tag Terminals. Stay human for as long as possible to earn the survival bonus. Turn low-performing space into profits. LVLT is the PREMIER facility for Laser Tag IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY!!! Indulge yourself in the lights and laser of the arena for alternating 10 minute games! Depending on the length of your standard game, the goal is to play 3 to 6 games per hour. Fastest Indoor Go Karts – Tactical Laser Tag – Next-Gen Escape Rooms – KIDZone. Touch to be instantly invincible for a short amount of time! Cyberblast PRO has introduced three ground-breaking new features. That’s right. Professional and fast installation. Blast your opponents as you make your way into the labyrinth, but stay alert for the traps that await. The remaining 2570 square feet would be used for the laser tag arena. Because the briefing can be completed while the previous game is still ongoing, your staff should have an extra 3 minutes between games to react to unusual delays, complete any urgent tasks, and keep your games on schedule. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Laser tag arena birthday parties & events. Simply use discount code: LASER2 when booking online or call us on 01217036160. Tag any device to capture it and convert it to your color. When you blast an opponent your selfie will appear on their phaser along with where you tagged them. 5 activities from your choice of 4 awesome go-kart tracks at LazerPort and SpeedZone, laser tag, and indoor blacklight mini-golf. 3. Laser Tag Montreal and Dorval Experience complete immersion in your favourite video games. } VR-based games have their own advantages, especially with a weekday group of 1 or 2 players who might not have the best time playing in a laser tag arena alone. We recommend 125-160 square feet per player. Most of our packages include: Vests & Phasers, Computer System & Software, Scoreboard Output Box, Targets, Mines, Bases, Operator Resources & Briefing Video, Charging Stations & LED Vest Racks, Spare Parts Kit, Installation, Training and Travel Costs. —– In the Lasers Radial, Mirthe Akkermann NED took the lead 3 points ahead of Maud Jayet SUI. Immersive Gameplay- All of the popular game formats, as well as a detailed game editor are included. Our team repairs and returns items sent in for service in 1-5 business days from when we receive the item. Laser Game Geneva is the only address in Geneva to play laser tag. You can earn anywhere from $250,000-$1,000,000 + per year with a laser tag. Tag any target, player, or base in the arena to earn points. This pass is the customer′ s ticket into the game of laser tag and is sold from your main POS station. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Laser Tag Arena in Victoria. FREE FOR ALL STEALTH ELIMINATION. RABBIT Every player for themselves with a special bonus. A 3000 square foot attraction like the one the above revenue numbers are based on will require an investment between $100,000 and $150,000. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Focus on your guest experience, not replacing broken connectors. ! DRACULA One player will be selected to be Dracula, turning red and gaining an infectious shot. This is a fun active game type that discourages passive players from trying to hide. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. Soon after the game starts, the zombie outbreak begins. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { listeners: [], Every minute 4 Targets at random will be activated. Every 60 seconds, the oddball is dropped and another target is randomly chosen to hold the next oddball. Cybergates add a dynamic feel to your arena completely immersing your customers in the laser tag environment. Walking Dead, Donkey Kong, Mario, Pac Man and more. Most of our home-use customers also operate mobile rental laser tag as a side-business to help offset the up front investment. Laser tag typically requires a single attendant on slower days, and 2 during peak periods when you’re running at nearly full capacity. Regularly reviewing your arena for safety hazards, including open rail hooks, tight blind corners, and very dark corridors. ZOMBIES. Another 270 square feet (10-14 sq ft per player) would be used for the vesting room, where the computer, vests & phasers are kept.